Monday, May 17, 2010

Trying not to get Blogged down............

This is the next big give away! I have named this pretty glass dome, 'Marie de la Mer'  she is made from paper, vintage fabric and sea shells. The glass skirt lifts up to reveal the underwater vignette, a pink paper seahorse swiming in a coral reef embellished with vintage jewels and pearls. Marie's high vitorian collar is made from seafan and tiny paper thin starfish.
 I will be teaching a class, so that you can make your very own 'Marie' on July 9th the cost is $129.00 but I am giving away one seat in class! To qualify just leave a comment here and tell me a fun fact about Marie Antoinette. The lucky winner will be announced this Sunday at The Mermaid's Mercantile!

We have been working late hours creating, staging and making things beautiful for the next Sunday's big flea market event!  We just unloaded  two truckloads of beautiful vintage pieces that will be for sale this weekend.
I came home from the shop last night at about 10pm and my laptop was calling me.... blog Debi Blog!
 I can create art untill 3am but working online is something that is better done in the morning.
 I try not to get blogged down... I really enjoy the world of blogging  and after my post is finished I always say that wasn't so bad.  For some, blogging must be a breeze, I am so amazed by all of the talent, beauty and art that I never knew exsisted untill I dipped my humble toe in the blogging pool.
For me it is not so breezy, I must talk myself through it, labor over every word and delete and start over untill my eyes burn.
OK enough complaining.... there is 5 days untill the Mermaid's Mercantile and I have some wonderful artist's to introduce to you.
First there is  Tricia Samsal, of  Tricia is a doll...and her Mom is just as sweet and talented too! Tricia travels, teaches, sells her vintage bliss all over, and  if that is not all... Tricia produces her own magazine called, Blissfully Traveled! A magazine dedicated to fun places to visit and shop for the vintage and handmade obsessed!  The dreamy crown pictured above is a special process that Tricia teaches using cool images and beeswax. The cupcake painting is from her Mom, Jeanne Samal. This yummy cupcake painting sold right away, please make another Jeanne!
 Tricia and her traveling trunk of treasures can be found at Glitterfest this Saturday and with us at the Mermaid's Mercantile on Sunday!
The next artist to introduce to you is the lovely, Holly Stinnet.  of coming to us from the LA area.
When I first saw Holly's work I was completely enamored with her art, everything she touches seems to have that wonderful vintage flair that makes your heart race. Have you ever seen such girly goodness? I mean seriously everything she creates is so pretty and well done.

I am so excited to meet Holly and see her work in person, I cannot tell you. Holly's dreamy art studio was recently featured in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. Holly also teaches classes and can often be found selling and creating at one of the fabulous events hosted by Kim Caldwell.
 Holly will have a table full of Handmade aprons and Mermaid dolls, and vintage inspired goodness.
 I would arrive early before her table is sold out. I know that I will be at her table shopping and making a list of all the things I must own by this oh so very talented artist.

Thanks for stopping by,
Looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday! More give aways coming all week long, stay posted!


Robin Sanchez said...

Ohhhh I what a wonderful class!! I would LOVE to win this prize!!! Marie is my favorite subject for art.

Marie was the 15th of 16 children.

(pick me pick me.....Im keeping my fingers crossed!!)


aileen said...

I love Holly's art! I just met her recently and she told me about your event. I hope to come check it out!

Marie Antoinette fact: she dressed her dolls in the same outfits she wore! : )

Kim-Fille de Fleur said...

Marie wore purple shoes on the day she was executed. I had to look this up because I don't know many real facts about her. In doing so I found out many interesting things and will be reading more about this amazing woman!
Anyway I am participating in Glitterfest and hope to come to your mercantile the next day, If I am still standing! Ha!
Please enter me into this really wonderful class. I have never seen anything like this project and would love to make one!

Anonymous said...

it IS a wonderful class and I want the prize too!!!

Congrats to anyone who wins!

Weird Marie Fact: She was engaged to the Dauphin at age 10 and married at 15!

Diane said...

Ooooooh, how I would love to take a class, and I just happen to be free July 9! Here are some interesting facts I found out about Marie Antoinettte:
--One year she ordered about 90 dresses from a dressmaker.
--Her last words: "I'm sorry, I did not mean to do it," and when she was executed, she was wearing purple shoes.
--She was 15 when she got married.
--Her nickname was "Madame Deficit" because of the riches squandered upon her parties and her opulent rooms at Versailles.
--When the King died (meaning that Marie Antoinette and her husband would be the King and Queen), they said, 'Protect us, Lord, for we reign too young.'
--Her favorite composers included Gluck, Piccini, Salieri, and Sacchini.
--She put on a play in her own theater--Beaumarchais's The Marriage of Figaro--even though it was was censored by the King.
--When she was a young girl Mozart asked for her hand in marriage.
--(This one is disturbing.) Marie Antoinette had a sexual relationship with her son that started when he was around 14 years old.
--She was very shy. She rarely ate in public.

I can't wait to see all the amazing crafts this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love your beautiful Marie Antoinette assemblage. She was the Queen of France and married the Duke of Berry who later became Louis XVI.
They led quite scandalous lives, and were later beheaded. Quite a sad story for royalty.
But please enter me in your fabulous giveaway! I am a member of Cloth and Clay doll ning site...come have a look!
Teresa S.

jackieb said...

Wow I have seen this creation in person and it is BEAUTIFUL....wonderful job.....would love to create it myself in class.

I, too, had to look up some facts on Marie....very interesting lady...if she only knew how famous she was now....

Interesting fact.
In her last days, Marie Antoinette was held prisoner with her two surviving children and Madame Elizabeth, who was her sister-in-law. Her kids were finally taken away from her and she was beheaded...poor girl.

See ya tomorrow..

Anonymous said...

I hope Im not to late. I just fouind out about the givaway yesterday at the Mercantile.

Fun Fact:

Marie Antoinette entered a deep depression after her husband was executed.

By the way, I love your "boutique à côté de la mer".

Angel Howard (The Marie freak who couldnt live with out your Marie class.

Barb said...

Absolutely gorgeous work !
Are you taking special orders for
ethereal Marie de la Mare? If so, please let me know. Thank you for the beauty you create in this world.
Have a fantastic fun sale this weekend.

Barb said...

Absolutely gorgeous work !
Are you taking special orders for
ethereal Marie de la Mare? If so, please let me know. Thank you for the beauty you create in this world.
Have a fantastic fun sale this weekend.