Saturday, May 15, 2010

Eight days untill the Next Mermaid's Mercantile!

The next artist I would like to introduce is the super darling Laura Zeller of
Laura  makes hand made baby couture with a vintage flair. The photo above is a pic of her fanny panties, ok soo cute! Laura has a whole candy store of baby bedding, vintage furniture, darling dresses and jackets made from embroidered linens and pillow cases. You can see more of her talent on etsy too!
Be sure to visit Laura at our next Mermaid Mercantile for your next baby shower gift or to doll up your little one. If I were two, I would so totally have my closet stocked with the entire posie boutique line!
Untill tomorrow.... I will be back with more artist profiles and give-aways!
coming up.... Holly Loves Art and Rachel Luna!
stay posted :)


Janina said...

I wish she made them in my size. I'd totally wear that pink pair with the ruffles!

Cath Z said...

Debi! I love love love your store and your art! I just had to leave my pretty little beach on the east coast for life in the big city of Atlanta and miss everything mermaid!! Hmm, maybe I should go back and open a mermaid mercantile in Charleston...
Just wondering, who made the background art for your page? I LOVE it!
Just wish I could hop over to your side for your Marie class. Who would have thought that the mermaid that lured Jacques Cousteau into the water and learn to dive would be reproduced in such a fabulous store! (bet you didn't know that about Marie...)