Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Bring an empty suitcase with you, and a Uhaul! We have so many amazing treasures for sale, loads of vintage, furniture, and handmade delites!
There are at least a dozen give-away's  from all our great artist that I have not had a chance to post here, wonderful goods like a hand embroidered mermaid pillow. hand made hair flowers, cupcakes and so much more!
come join us for a Super Fun Day!


Sherry Goodloe said...

Looking forward to making it to this event this summer!

Kim Caldwell said...

It was so wonderful meeting you this weekend Deb! How lovely to step into your magical world. . .

Hugs, K

Maija said...

Debi, all I can say about meeting you and visiting your store is OMG!! Spectacular!!!
oxox Maija

Charlene said...

Your shop looks AMAZING!!! I am coming to Kim's Event in July. How far is your shop from the hotel we are staying in? Is there good transportation to get there if we don't have a car? LOVE YOUR BLOG, SHOP, Everything! A Mermaid at HEART in Land Locked Central Texas~ Charlene