Wednesday, September 12, 2012

tutorial and giveaway, How to make a recycled surfboard fin coatrack

 Hey Everybody,
 I have moved to wordpress, for the full tutorial and details on the giveaway, please follow me here,
Have a wonderful Day!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to make a Woven Jute Webbing , No Sew bag and giveaway!

Hey Everybody!
I have a new site, visit for details on this giveaway!
If you want to make this bag, please read my detailed post on my new site as well, I made this bag three times before I got it right and there are some important tips to know so that you don't make the same mistakes that I did :)
My new website also has an online shop, I am selling CeCe Caldwell paint and lots of the creative supplies that you see in my videos. Let me know what you think!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Give away and new video! How to paint your sofa with CeCe Caldwell chalk paint!

Hello everybody!
I have a fun new video and an amazing giveaway! You could win two quarts of your choice of CeCe Caldwell paint and the wonderful new satin finish!
If you would like to enter you need to do three things,
LIKE the CeCe Caldwell Facebook page
Subscribe to my Youtube Channel
Share the video!
You can share the video anyway you want, be it Facebook, Twitter, your blog or simply by email.
Just let me know in a comment how you shared it and you are entered!
Then winner will be announced, here and on my other pages on July 31st.
Hope you enjoy!
below is a link to my other blog, there are lots of details and answers to questions about painting on fabric there!

Wishing every one a Sunny day!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New video How to make a Starfish Chandelier

Here is my latest video! I have a full tutorial with more photos, details and links to  the supplies used to make this on my other blog,
Hope you can pop over and take a look, I am also selling the chandelier I made in this video in my Etsy shop!
Happy day everybody!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

watch my HGTV White Room challenge audition video!

Good morning everyone!
Well many of you already know that I have tried and tried again to get cast on HGTV. I have almost been picked three times and have auditioned several times. 
Last November I decided to wrap up the pity party that I was having for myself and just create a youtube channel. I am having so much fun doing that, and all of your comments and support just bring tears to my eyes! It has been quite the learning experience, as I teach myself how to edit and use a camera. I have been shooting everything on my iPhone and taking classes at Apple. Without the help of the great instructors at Apple, I would never be able to share my videos.
I got an email about a new show on HGTV last week, a series called the White Room Challenge. It's kind of a spin off from Design Star, four designers compete as they create a room from crazy supplies like candy or flowers and the grand prize is $10,000! I just found out about this new casting call last friday, the deadline to submit a video is March 12th. Well I decided to try again and this is what I came up with, hope you enjoy! 
If you like this and want to see me on the show, please share this video, who knows it may impress the casting people!
Have a wonderful and creative day!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CeCe Caldwell Paint tutorial and crazy good giveaway!!

I had a lot of fun with Ce Ce Caldwells new amazing paint!
The give away is unbelievable!
The lucky winner will get 21 sample colors of paint!
and the WAX!!! a sample size goes a long way, you can typically paint a chair or a side table with one sample! We will announce the winner here on my blog, on the CeCe Caldwell Facebook page and on the House of Anne blog on April 15th!
To enter the giveaway, simply subscribe to my youtbe channel
 and like the CeCe Caldwell Facebook page!

Of course I will be carrying all the paint and wax at my shop, House Vintage, in Solana Beach, Ca but many many other wonderful retailers are carrying it too! to find out where to buy in your area or to become a retailer of the BEST paint  ever! visit Anne's blog, 
House of Anne
If you already are a retailer of CeCe's paint give us a shout out by making a comment here
 so we know where to find you!
Happy Painting,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

CeCe Caldwell paint tutorial!

I have spent the last few days filming a new video
CeCe Caldwell has created a brand new line of paint!
It's non toxic and amazing!
If you have used Chalk Paint from the UK,
You will love this even more!
It's American made!
You will love the price too..

this is a little step stool that was painted in 45 mins with
Destin gulf green...

here are some more pieces that I painted..
I wanted to show you some others but they sold immediately!
The video will show you how easy it is to use this paint and there is an unbelievable giveaway too!
Stay tuned, I'm going to post it very soon...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Marie Antoinette tutorial and giveaway!

Happy March everybody!
I just posted a new video and fun giveaway!
Hope you enjoy!

Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY Seashell Covered Ribbon

It's going to be a wonderful weekend!
Here is my newest video tutorial!
This diy shows you how to wrap gifts with seashells AND I do a little rap at the end...
yo yo crafty girls!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fun giveaway! how to make a Mermaid Pendant

Here is my latest video tutorial, just in time for Valentine's Day!
I am selling a kit with all the supplies needed to make this beautiful heart shaped necklace on my Etsy site. To order visit or enter to win this one by subscribing to my youtube channel, subscribing is free and easy just hit the subscribe button embedded in this video.
Have a great day everybody!

Monday, January 16, 2012

 Happy Monday everybody!
I have a new video that I want to share with you.
I have made thousands of these seashell covered letters! to find out why watch the video below and go to my design blog at

 Hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The balance between selling your handmade stuff like crazy and creative burnout!

Way back in the day before I opened my shop, I was making my handmade crafts and selling them to gift stores across the country, I had a whole line of handmade gifts that I made and sold, to 300+ accounts... this was the 1980's long before there were blogs, Youtube, Facebook or Etsy. It was fun!... but after making hundreds of the the same thing, over and over,... not so much.
 It was the creative process that I loved and craved, coming up with an idea and then perfecting it, seeing others respond, that was the thrill!
One of my accounts was a chain of 11 stores in Hawaii,  I would get a big order from them, work like a banshee to fill it, and as soon as I would come home from the post office, my fax machine would screech out a new order from them. yay! combined with a heavy sigh....
I was super grateful to be making a living doing what I loved, but I struggled to find balance between mass production (I was a one man band) and my passion for designing new things. I kept my business open for 7 years and then opened my own shop, this months marks the 15th anniversary as a store owner.
  Although I no longer make hundreds of the same thing at one time, it is still a challenge to carve out time to create new things, If I do get into my studio to create, it is usually between the hours of 10pm and 2am.
As many of you you may already know, I have always wanted to share my ideas in a big way, get them out there and inspire others to create! Our world has changed a lot since the 80's and there are so many ways to connect and share!
Last month I started my youtube channel, DebisDesignDiary.
 I have posted six craft videos so far, the one above is a DIY on how to make Seashell Candles, these candles are one of the many things that I made thousands of,... to the point of tears.
 My hope is you will watch my videos and they will  inspire you to create, then all the tears will be worth it!
 I will be posting a new video to youtube every week, so please subscribe if you like them, subscribing is free!
If you do,  make one of my projects, please post a picture on my Facebook page!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Two new videos and Two Giveaways!

Watch this fun and easy video, How to make Seashell Curtains and you could win the curtains I make in this video!
Watch this video on how to make these super pretty seashell pillows using pillow covers from Ikea!
Subscribe to my Youtube channel and you could win these pillow covers too!

Happy new year everybody!
yay 2012!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New video! How to make a Seashell Table with a crinoline skirt...

Hello Everybody!
I am super excited to tell you that I will be posting 9 new videos this month! Here is the newest one, How to make a seashell table! You will be amazed at how easy and affordable this is!
I also have Three more BIG giveaways coming up, to be entered into my giveaways just Subscribe to my youtube channel (shesellsseashellscom) you can get there by simply watching the video above and hitting the subscribe button!
Happy 2012! Wishing you the most creative year ever!