Monday, May 31, 2010

Last Sunday!..... part two.....

So where was I?
Yes, yes, lots of hours spent getting ready for the big day!
I had stopped drinking coffee as a New Years resolution, and it was going fairly well until this month, then, well, not so much. I think I have given up caffine at least a half a dozen times in the last 10 years. It's not easy when your life requires endless stores of energy. If I could hook up an IV of the stuff I probably would. I delude myself into thinking that I will give it up again soon ( I hope).

Back to the point.... Sunday morning finally arrives and  the mermaids begin to set up and help with all the last minute details, I am so blessed to be surrounded by 25 extremely talented women who work very hard to make our event so magnificent. I could go on forever about these gals. Many travel hours to come sell their beautiful wares. They are stay at home moms and women who support their families and themselves with their handiwork. They sew and paint , hunt down treasures like super women, and their talent is extraordinary! When you purchase an item from the Mermaid's Mercantile you are supporting families, art and women who are passionate about giving life to vintage finds and creating by hand! 

Last Sunday's turnout was overwhelming! We had the biggest show ever, and it was wonderful to hear all of your kind words and enthusiasm! The only problem was that the cashier line was too long! (thank you for your patience,we will have more help and a speedier system next month.). We had a enthusiastic crowd of shoppers from the minute we opened. So many of you came from hours away. We met so many new friends, and it was exciting to meet many that I have admired through their blogs.

In the information age and the world of blogs it is fun and exciting to meet all of you who have posted wonderful pictures and words about our event. I speak for all of the artists and send you a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

In the midst of all of this joy Sunday Hendrickson, stylist extraordinaire, arrived to photograph our day. I have to say, she was just as lovely as her work! She so graciously took the time to meet and chat with all of the girls and get to know some of the stories behind what they do and why they do it before taking photos. In the midst of all the excitment, I did not get a picture of Sunday, ( I know, I know  ) I will try to describe her: a tousled mane of sandy blond hair, enormous smile, kind, enthusiastic, and down to Earth! It was a day I will always be thankful for. Sunday Hendrickson's work can be found in just about every design magazine on the shelves, and you can read more about her home and Romantic Country Magazine on Fifis O'Niell's blog . Look for a feature on the Mermaid's Mercantile in an up coming issue very soon!

Here are more of the blessings that happened on Sunday....

I got to share the day with my sister Janina! Many of you know the story from my personal blog I just found my new sister on facebook last month along with my biological father and a whole family of relatives. Janina is an extraordinary pastry chef and she brought her yummy cupcakes to the Mermaid's Mercantile. Never one to shy away from an unconventional idea (sort of!), she delighted us with Lavender Cupcakes with Rosewater Buttercream in addition to Deep Chocolate Cupcakes with Crunchy Peanut Butter Frosting. You can read all about her sweet adventures on her blog or come taste her creative confections next month! (She's developing a special Mermaid cupcake just for us. But don't worry, it won't be seaweed flavored or anything THAT strange.)

The list of  talented women who came to see us was amazing,  Kim Caldwell of Artistic Bliss showed up with her talented gal pals. I have admired her dreamy events online and in print for ages. The chance to meet Kim and chat with her was such a pleasure! Kim's next dreamy event will take place in July and it is right up my alley. Les Sirenes takes place in the Belamar hotel in Mannhatten beach. Kim  has a few spots left. If you would like the ultimate dreamy creative experience, visit Kim's workshop page and sign up before her event is full.

I know you all have been waiting for the winners of the seashell letters and the Marie De la Mer class!
and the winners are:
For Best Vintage Outfit........ Mattie Allober! Mattie is  is pictured above in her darling Chartruse and vintage boots and will recieve a sheshell letter of her choice.

The winner of the Marie class......... is Kim Fille de Fleur! Kim has a reserved spot in my Marie de la Mer class on July 9th. I have three spaces left for this over the top class. Please call the store if you would like to join us! 858 755 7630. Speaking of Marie Antoinette, I learned a lot of interesing facts about that fashion icon through all of your great comments!

Thank you to all who participated in our give aways. There will be more to come, so please keep visiting the blog and letting me know what's on your mind. You never know when one of your comments will win you a fabulous prize! 

Congratulations to all of you who spun the wheel with the fabulous Nicki Glade and won so many wonderful giveaways! Thanks to our wonderful artist, we had giveaways all day long! Nicki was our exuberant greeter and carnival barker! She's also a talented needle felting teacher and artist! Thank you Nicki for taking our event over the top!

The next Mermaid Mercantile is going to be TWO days! June 26th and 27th  We have some exciting giveaways planned as well as some very special guest vendors from out of state!

Stay tuned! The giveaways and special announcements will be posted throughout June and they will be GOOD!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

It has taken me three days to recover from last Sunday's Mercantile...  for so many reasons it was a day to remember.   It seemed like it was raining down blessings. Here is a little story about blessing #1.
 Like so many of you I have a passion for glossy magazines and the dreamy stories inside them, some of my favorites through the years are Country Living,  Home Companion, Where Women Create, and Romantic Country Homes.
These are just a few, I am a fool for magazines, I can't throw any of them out and refer back to them over and over again.... What is my point you ask? Well you know when you open up a new issue to something totally amazing and it just takes your breath away... you may even go so far to cut the pretty page out and post it somewhere for inspiration, or you may just look at it untill you have memorized every detail.
Well every time I discover an article that makes my heart race, I began to notice a common factor,  the name of the stylist is always the same,  just about every time... hmmm ....I began to wonder who this woman was, and how she created her magic.... then one day, I opened a new issue of Home Companion and there she is.... the face behind the name, in her totally darling  green and blue office smiling back at me, I read about her... this woman who can style like no other, and has created beautiful articles for so many magazines.... she is referred to as the Devine Art director at Large, and she is... she truly is.
 After I finshed reading, I said to myself, I would really like to meet this woman some day....( maybe someday.... maybe on a Sunday.)
The years passed by and her name was always there attached to some of my fave magazines, and then recently, there she was again.... featured in  the thick glossy pages of  'Where women Create' a wonderful piece on her creative genius. Again I hoped.... maybe someday...
A short time later, one of my vendors suggested that I contact
Fifi O'Neill the Editor-in-Chief of Romantic Country Homes, to see if she might want to do a story about the Mermaid's Mercantile.
The following week I sent Fifi an email and a link to our blog. Exactly, approximately, about, 5 minutes later my phone rings, and IT'S FIFI!  I am standing in my living room, still in my PJ's looking at her picture attached to editors letter and listening to her beautiful french accent come through my cell phone.... she is calling from her pale pink cottage in Florida you all have seen it on her blog
Fifi is telling me that she would like to send her stylist/photographer out to our next Mermaid Mercantile for her magazine!
Holy Batman, can this be real?  and then..... she says,   she will pass my info to to her west coast stylist and to expect a call from Sunday Hendrickson..... Sunday Hendrickson, the Divine Art Director at Large!  Right about this time, I think I cried, then I jumped around,  then I said a thank you to God, then I called everybody, put out an APB to all of the mermaids AND  then, I worked really hard, along with the tireless help of  Rachel Luna her hero of a husband Pete and so many others who helped make my store look better than it had ever looked, ever, ever before.
So last Sunday I finally met Sunday!
and there is a lot more to tell...
and I have to annouce the winners of the the give-away's too!
but it is 11pm and my eyes are burning, so now I give you the words,
to be continued....
stay tuned, there's lots more to share and many more photos to show you!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Bring an empty suitcase with you, and a Uhaul! We have so many amazing treasures for sale, loads of vintage, furniture, and handmade delites!
There are at least a dozen give-away's  from all our great artist that I have not had a chance to post here, wonderful goods like a hand embroidered mermaid pillow. hand made hair flowers, cupcakes and so much more!
come join us for a Super Fun Day!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jane Pollock.....Art Takes A Village

An artist, a philanthropist and ever so passionate about her charity.
Jane established and runs a very special non-profit
 "Art Takes A Village" 
where she teaches art therapy to women who have endured extreme hardships, and are trying to rebuild their lives.
I am honored that Jane will be attending the Mermaid's Mercantile, this Sunday, May 23rd.
Jane will be selling her amazing handmade jewelry.
You don't want to miss this very special guest.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Trying not to get Blogged down............

This is the next big give away! I have named this pretty glass dome, 'Marie de la Mer'  she is made from paper, vintage fabric and sea shells. The glass skirt lifts up to reveal the underwater vignette, a pink paper seahorse swiming in a coral reef embellished with vintage jewels and pearls. Marie's high vitorian collar is made from seafan and tiny paper thin starfish.
 I will be teaching a class, so that you can make your very own 'Marie' on July 9th the cost is $129.00 but I am giving away one seat in class! To qualify just leave a comment here and tell me a fun fact about Marie Antoinette. The lucky winner will be announced this Sunday at The Mermaid's Mercantile!

We have been working late hours creating, staging and making things beautiful for the next Sunday's big flea market event!  We just unloaded  two truckloads of beautiful vintage pieces that will be for sale this weekend.
I came home from the shop last night at about 10pm and my laptop was calling me.... blog Debi Blog!
 I can create art untill 3am but working online is something that is better done in the morning.
 I try not to get blogged down... I really enjoy the world of blogging  and after my post is finished I always say that wasn't so bad.  For some, blogging must be a breeze, I am so amazed by all of the talent, beauty and art that I never knew exsisted untill I dipped my humble toe in the blogging pool.
For me it is not so breezy, I must talk myself through it, labor over every word and delete and start over untill my eyes burn.
OK enough complaining.... there is 5 days untill the Mermaid's Mercantile and I have some wonderful artist's to introduce to you.
First there is  Tricia Samsal, of  Tricia is a doll...and her Mom is just as sweet and talented too! Tricia travels, teaches, sells her vintage bliss all over, and  if that is not all... Tricia produces her own magazine called, Blissfully Traveled! A magazine dedicated to fun places to visit and shop for the vintage and handmade obsessed!  The dreamy crown pictured above is a special process that Tricia teaches using cool images and beeswax. The cupcake painting is from her Mom, Jeanne Samal. This yummy cupcake painting sold right away, please make another Jeanne!
 Tricia and her traveling trunk of treasures can be found at Glitterfest this Saturday and with us at the Mermaid's Mercantile on Sunday!
The next artist to introduce to you is the lovely, Holly Stinnet.  of coming to us from the LA area.
When I first saw Holly's work I was completely enamored with her art, everything she touches seems to have that wonderful vintage flair that makes your heart race. Have you ever seen such girly goodness? I mean seriously everything she creates is so pretty and well done.

I am so excited to meet Holly and see her work in person, I cannot tell you. Holly's dreamy art studio was recently featured in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. Holly also teaches classes and can often be found selling and creating at one of the fabulous events hosted by Kim Caldwell.
 Holly will have a table full of Handmade aprons and Mermaid dolls, and vintage inspired goodness.
 I would arrive early before her table is sold out. I know that I will be at her table shopping and making a list of all the things I must own by this oh so very talented artist.

Thanks for stopping by,
Looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday! More give aways coming all week long, stay posted!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Eight days untill the Next Mermaid's Mercantile!

The next artist I would like to introduce is the super darling Laura Zeller of
Laura  makes hand made baby couture with a vintage flair. The photo above is a pic of her fanny panties, ok soo cute! Laura has a whole candy store of baby bedding, vintage furniture, darling dresses and jackets made from embroidered linens and pillow cases. You can see more of her talent on etsy too!
Be sure to visit Laura at our next Mermaid Mercantile for your next baby shower gift or to doll up your little one. If I were two, I would so totally have my closet stocked with the entire posie boutique line!
Untill tomorrow.... I will be back with more artist profiles and give-aways!
coming up.... Holly Loves Art and Rachel Luna!
stay posted :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Nine days to the Mermaids' Mercantile and lots of giveaway's to go!

Gina Balourdas of is one of our ultra talented vendors not only can you find Gina at our event she is also getting ready for Glitterfest. Gina creates beautiful jewelry from found vintage objects like silverware, chandelier crystals and watch components. I also heard that she just got back from a fun buying trip on the east coast. Gina is offering a necklace made from vintage typewriter keys. Simply make a comment here and on Gina's blog and the winner will be posted at The next Mermaid's Mercantile on May 23rd.
Come meet Gina and see all of her beautiful work a week from Sunday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dear readers, please forgive me... it has been 7 days since my last post!

But I have a very good excuse! You see in the last few days I have meet an entire family that I never knew
 I had. I posted on my personal blog how I found my biological father on Facebook last month ...
I met him and about 20 family members for the first time this week, needless to say it has thrown me a little off track.  It was a  wonderful and miraculous experience that I plan to write about on my other blog soon,
but for now I have a lot of catching up to do! Our next give away is so beautiful.....I wish I could win....
 Deb Hodge from is giving away one of her latest designs,
 one of her dreamy hand sewn ruffled cuffs with vintage embellishments. They are so pretty! All you have to do to qualify to win one of these soft little vintage treats is leave a comment here and also on Debs's blog, then come to the mercantile on the 23rd and the winner will be posted. Good luck! I have tons more info and give away's coming up  and only ten days left to post them all... I have to make up for some lost time be sure to check back ......the next give away is coming up sooner than you may think!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The next BIG giveaway and 17 days untill the next Mercantile!

This is the amazing work of the fabulous Nicki Glade of Mermaid Glade. Nicki doesn't have a blog yet but she is working on it.... maybe she could use a little encouragement  leave her a comment here and tell her that you would like to see more of her work!

Nicki is a needle felting artist and teacher, she offers classes in our shop every week.
Nicki's mermaids are just the tip of the iceberg.... did you know that you can  create anything from flowers to seahorses and mermaids by stabbing wool repeatedly?  Nicki has set up a mini shop stocked full of supplies for creating her incredible items at Out of the blue...... she stocks wool in every color, and all the goodies  you need to get started in  needle felting.
Come take Nicki's class this Saturday at 1pm or leave a comment on our blog and enter to win a free needle felting class with her!
 These classes are a blast, you get a lesson and a comedy routine in one with our exuberant Nicki.... 
if you are lucky, she brings a yummy snack too! 
for class info call us at 858 755 7630.
Stay tuned LOTS more super good giveaways all month long!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wheel Of Fortune

Please join us on May 23rd at the Mermaid's Mercantile for a
"Vintage French Carnival" .
Spin the Wheel Of Fortune for a chance to win this stunning hand set Sea Shell~Rhinestone Crown
valued at $150.
10am to 5pm

Monday, May 3, 2010

Countdown to the next Mermaid's Mercantile.... 20 days!

Our next Flea market is May 23rd!  One week early this time because of Memorial Day. click the flyer above to see all the details.
 This one is going to be over the top! Lots and lots of vintage treasures and handmade beauty!  This month our theme is Vintage Carnival, think Coney Island in 1950!
We have some magnificent giveaways and events planned all day long! Check the blog every day because I will be posting a new give away  right up to our event! Thats 10 fabulous giveaway's in 20 days! BUT.. I am not going to say which days will be give-away-days!  you will need to come on over to our blog and take a looksie.
 All month long I will feature a new Mermaid Mercantile vendor, you will get the lowdown on what they create and who they are and we will give you a sneek peak at some of the goods that will be for sale on May 23rd.

Our first featured artist is the ultra super talented Lisa Loria of I first met Lisa last August, she came into my shop, I was at an estate sale, my Mom was running the store and struck up a conversation with Lisa and invited her to sell her jewelry at The Mermaid's Mercantile.
 Lisa came to our next show and set up her candy store of mouth watering jewels and dreamy belt buckles all made from vintage components. I looked at her table and I was speachless... kinda like when you see a cute boy and you just stand there stammering and looking silly because you are soo enamoured... well that's how it was, I wanted to own all of that jewelry and all I could do was look at her and say, "I love you."
she laughed and we pretty much became instant friends (aka crackheads) we both work like maniacs, creating and selling our art and Lisa will call me up and say, "what cha doin crackhead?"
and we are... addicted to vintage art.
Lisa's talents go far beyond jewelry making, this woman can do anything, altered art, mosaics , sewing but her magnificence lies in her painting (see her blog). Her work is dreamy whimsical heaven and you never know what she will design next..... seriously she has a whole new trunk of treasures every month.
For Lisa's giveaway, she is offering one of her newest creations, a tiny fairy dancing under a smiling moon. A miniature diorama encased in resin dangling from an aqua blue beaded chain (pictured above)
 To win this beautiful piece you must leave a comment here and then go to Lisa's blog and leave her a comment too.
Lisa will pick the lucky winner. Here is the catch the winner will be posted at our next Mermaid's Mercantile, you must be present or have someone representing you there to check in for you to claim your prize.  For all of you out of state fans call a friend in the area and send them to the mercantile.
If the winner does not check in the giveaway will go to the next person on the list. Good luck!
remember to stay tuned there are lots more giveaways and fun details coming up!