Thursday, August 26, 2010

August Giveaway! Pretty In Pink!

Did somebody say “Giveaway?”

Lots and lots of Giveaways!

The Mermaids have been shopping for weeks

and we scored a boatload of vintage clothing and accessories

and you can get your hands on some of this rare and delicious loot this weekend

Saturday &  Sunday

August 28Th & 29Th
10am to 5pm

As the Mermaids celebrate the

"Joys of just being a Girl"

Pretty In PINK

This weekend will be a celebration of

feminine style and coquettery.

Want to make a splash at all those upcoming holiday parties?

Halloween is only 66 days away!

Among our featured items are:

vintage prom dresses,
groovy clothes from the 60’s and 70’s,
 some AMAZING Victorian pieces,
girl’s dresses from the 40’s and 50’s,
 petticoats, shoes, bags, hats, accessories and more!

All at deep, deep, DEEP discounted prices that'll make you throw your hands up in the air!

But wait, there’s more and I’m not talking Ginsu Knives either

Some lucky Girl will win a

$75 Mercantile Gift Certificate,

Good for anything within the Flea Market as well as inside the store!!

We’re also givng away this gorgeous soldered “Courage Bracelet” from Terri Brush Designs

Every person who spends $100 or more gets a free pink cupcake to further sweeten the deal!

Make room in your car because you won’t want to hold back during this Incredible event of girly pink fluffiness!


Anne Marie said...

Fifi had you listed in her recent post, along with my barn sale!! and I wanted to come by and say HI! and all the best wishes for you to have a fun and successful sale!!!!!

Anne Marie

Charlene said...

I'm so looking for vintage petticoats. Do you have some? If so how much? Please email me. Hugs! Charlene